Thursday, May 19, 2011

So much Garbage out there

Verizon Wireless - Yes, this effects me directly, which is why I'm complaining, but this idea is absolute garbage. But, that's how the man makes money ... charging us. I won't effect people in large metro cities that much since they can piggy back on to wifi, but since I'm a sticks person .... I'll be hurting. I already pay $80 a month. Although I hear I'll be grandfathered in with my current unlimited data plan.

Osama Bin Laden - I'm already sick of hearing Osama's death. It's just like any celebrity, except, in this country, it's hatred instead of sorrow. And then I gotta hear about the Navy Seals that went in, the war dogs, and Osama's porn. Just getting tired of it. Let's go back and talk about Ed McMahon or Billy Mays. Those will truly be missed and I crave to talk more about them. And Ed McMahon got over shadowed by Michael Jackson. Terrible.

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