Tuesday, May 17, 2011

So I was watching Star Wars ....

... and I believe I am .... a Star Wars nerd. It happens. So I thought I'd put down a scale of sorts so you can place yourself. Going from lowest Star Wars nerd to highest.

Slave Human - You know nothing about Star Wars with the possible exception that you know that there are some movies (possibly only one movie) called Star Wars. You tend to confuse it with the laser defense system mentioned by Ronald Reagan. You live a normal life with a normal job.

Storm Trooper - You know the existence of all movies and have seen them, possibly only once for the newer ones. Yet you do not understand that the "newer movies" are actually prequels. You notice children playing with light sabers and acknowledge it's source of entertainment. The major characters in the movies can be named with some thought. You live a normal life with a normal job.

Interplanetary Gangster\Trade Federation Member - You enjoy all the movies and tend to enjoy the newer ones more for their modern flair and CG effects. You sometimes get "the bug" to watch the movies. When you see children playing with light sabers, you join in. Inevitably, you accidentally injure a child swinging your make-shift light saber too hard. In your life and work, sometimes you make Star Wars references that apply to the current real life situation.

Padawan Learner - This is the actual first level of fan-dom/nerdy-esk tendencies. You have seen all movies, multiple times and enjoy them all. The nostalgic draw of the "older" movies (of which you know are chronologically newer) is quite a bit larger then "normal" people. You have seen the movies enough times that you do not need the subtitles when Jabba the Hut speaks. You have attempted the Jedi Mind Trick at least three times. Instead of joining in light saber duels, you sometimes start them ..... with children. You tend to gravitate to being a Sith Lord in these situations. In your life and work, you actively look for situations that can be related to a Star Wars reference, and you attempt to make it.

Jedi Knight - You have seen the movies multiple times and have either played the game Star Wars: The Old Republic or seen the cartoon, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, or both. When watching the movies, you can recite all dialog of all characters, including Jabba the Hut (click here to find out the language he speaks, although you shouldn't have to at this stage). You have also read the books in order to quench your thirst for knowledge after the movies end. You attempted to use the Jedi Mind Trick at least three times .... in the past week. Your light saber duels have started to take on an epic feel to them with possibly one light saber being a "not just a toy" light saber. You almost always attempt to force throw during your duels, when you accidentally hurt a child .... yet continue on dueling while mentioning to them that they are not using their "hatred to strike you down making your journey to the dark side complete" (said in emperor's voice). You have attended a Star Wars or comic book convention. In life and work, you make Star Wars references whether they apply to real life situations or not .... and you think it's hilarious/awesome when others do not. And they most certainly do not.

Jedi Master - You take your post of sitting on the Jedi Council very seriously ... especially since you started the club called "The Jedi Council". Your knowledge of the movies, cartoon, and books is unsurpassed. In the numerous Star Wars games you play, you fantasize about actually performing Force maneuverers by mimicking the characters and in some cases, complain that the characters are doing it incorrectly. When you go to conventions, you dress in character. You have a large action figure collection, most still in the packaging. You have an extremely expensive Light Saber that you do not allow anyone to touch, and is mounted above your bed. You have numerous movie posters, framed of course, hanging in your studio apartment. Perhaps even some life-size cut-outs or mannequins. Your favorite is Yoda and you sometimes meditate in front of it. Light Saber duels do not happen since there is no one with a sufficient metachlorian count to challenge you. You attempted to use the Jedi Mind Trick at least three times .... since starting to read this post. In life and work, you are a Jedi. And you read this post and know that you can come up with better and more levels of Star Wars fanaticism ... i mean pride.

Sith Lord (Master ... not apprentice) - Life is the force. End of statement.

Which are you?

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