Sunday, September 30, 2007

Reliving the Past ... With a Twist

This Saturday my family went to a kind of reunion picnic with college friends and family from Sigma Chi fraternity, Zeta Theta chapter. There was probably about 50 people or so, but half were kids ranging in age from 5 to <1 year. It's kind of weird remembering parties that I used to go to with my friends that start at 10:00pm with drinking and loud music. This was a party started at 1:00pm, with the football game going in the background, and drinking (at a much lower level), but also with the addition of toys, blankets, playpens, and strollers. Everybody has grown up. Just kind of strange. One guy made a good comment,
We used to say 'Where's my beer?' ... now we're constantly looking around saying, 'The kids ok?' and 'where's the dog?'
Just strange. How lives and personalities of people change with time. I wonder what I'll be like in 10 more years. (fade to black)