Thursday, May 1, 2008

You'll Never Make the 15th ... or Did You?

Tax time may be over, but that doesn't stop us from bitching about it.

Trying to balance that fine line of not giving the government a free loan with our money vs. having to cough up money that we were counting on being their for food and shelter, gives me a headache every second I have to think about it. My opinion on this dilemma, give the government some of the money and get it back later. The interest I could gain from it if I actually had it the entire year, is marginal and not worth my time being able to walk a tight-rope. I never want to actually write a check with money that I thought I actually had. Getting money that you didn't know you had is more like Christmas than paying bail. I want to hear your opinion on this topic.

I also use TurboTax. It may be the same price as a H&R Block-type person (or less), but not having to deal with a person who has to split his attention over 100's of tax returns and allowing me to concentrate and understand fully what's being done, is quite a bit of an advantage. I also, find TurboTax easy to use. Never had a problem. My return is obviously not that difficult. What do you people use, people or software?

More to Come:
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